Monday, June 16, 2008

Who You Gonna Call?!

We came, we saw, we kicked its ass! - Dr. Peter Venkman

Last night was a good night for the Pen is Mightier. We cleared Kara for the first time in awhile; well, except for the beast bosses, but who even counts them. Per standard form we got the worst infernal drops ever on Prince, but did up getting some what lucky on run #4. We also went and one shoted Netherspite with some sweet beam blocking coordination and some nice dual tanking between our main and off tank.

This was also the first run with couple of our new recruits. They did very well and I am glad they are with us. One is a resto druid that rounds out our healing crew and the other is an elemental shaman that gives us a complete set of shaman talent builds. Hopefully in the next few runs we will be able to get a couple of more of the new people in with us and maybe, just maybe get a second Kara group going.


Duglarg said...

dude this is awsome i love coming and reading most of these blogs keep them up!!

Jagerbombz said...

Oh crap! Canadians!