Friday, June 6, 2008

Karazhan Guide – Part Three: Party Crashing Moroes

This is part three of my short Resto -Shaman guides to Karazhan.

This week we will be working on taking down Moroes and his part guest.

Note: This is the first fight that will really test your raid’s ability to handle multiple targets and minor chaos. It might take a couple of times to get this fight down, but once you got it, a well fought Moroes battle is a thing of beauty. For a full run down of this fight and kill order for Moroes guest, please visit Boss Killers, the one stop source for all your boss killing needs.

Trash: Ghostly Guests

  • Earth Shield the Main Tank – Single Pulls

  • Heal Tank when needed – Single Pulls

  • Earth Shield main AoE Caster – Group Pulls

  • Spam heal main AoE Caster – Group Pulls

  • Drop Stone Skin Totem for some help if in AoE Caster Group – Group Pulls

  • Drop Fire Nova and then Magma Totem to add to AoE Damage – Group Pulls

Boss: Moroes and his Dinner Guests

  • Earth Shield one of the tanks, or a caster assigned to shackle or kite.

  • Chain Heal Tanks fighting for aggro on Moroes.

  • Drop Poison Cleansing Totem to cure Blindness - Only if in the Main Tank Group.

  • Earth Shock will interrupt Millstipe’s Mana Burn – Granted she should be shackled

  • Purge Paly buffs on Moroes if possible.

  • Raid heal as much as possible if not assigned to a tank, assess garroted target and heal if Toon is needed if not, sadly…let them go.

  • Blood Lust around 20%, make sure it is just after Moroes comes out of vanish. There is nothing more embarrassing that popping Blood Lust and not having anything to do.

Resto Shaman Loot:

Now, the next stop…the Maiden and her ladies.

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