Monday, June 30, 2008

Raid Night Spawns Progression

Since joining the raiding ranks of my guild, very little “new” territory was forged. On a weekly basis we would go to Karazhan, kill the bosses, get some gear and loot our badges. Now, there is nothing wrong with this, especially since each week find ourselves becoming better, faster and more efficient. We are quickly closing in on clearing Karazhan in a single night now; but the thirst for more lingers.

This thirst has led us into the depths of Zul’Aman. For two weeks now we have gathered on Sunday night for something new…new trash, new bosses, new loot. For a second week now we have been able to defeat the Bear Avatar, Nalorakk and can safely say we have him on farm status now.

After our kill we decided to bypass boss #2 to avoid another embarrassing run of the gauntlet and went off to what we thought was boss #3. We ended up taking a wrong turn and came face to face with Halazzi, the Lynx Avatar. After three attempts the raid was called, but we found success in our defeat.
  • We learned that you must walk up the MIDDLE of the stairs leading to Halazzi’s room after a wipe.
  • We were able to hold our own without one piece of Tier 5 gear.
  • We were able to get to through the first phase of the fight when Halazzi splits and spawns the Lynx.
  • Most of all, we finally were able to wipe on a whole new set of trash.

Hopefully each week we will continue to find success in this dank Troll infested hole.

Good job guys!

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