Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pen vs. Prince

“I’ve been running Kara for a year and you guys have the worst infernal luck I have ever seen" -Atar

Finally after a couple of frustrating weeks we got Prince down again…it only took three attempts. It isn’t that hard of a fight and if things go well it is actually pretty easy. Unfortunately the fight is about 90% luck with the infernals. No matter what we would do, we just could never catch a break until this week.

Loot was pretty Rogue heavy…to bad we didn’t have one.

I did end up with the helm so that gives me 3/5 Tier 4 pieces. Now I am just missing the BP and the Legs but I think I will go for the better BoJ items that are available instead.

Again, good job guys and lets hope this changes our luck a little bit.

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