Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Daddy Raider

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Like a good number of players in the WoW world, I have children. I am the proud father of a 3 year old girl and a 1 year old boy. I may be a level 70 Resto-Shaman, but I am a father first. I try to spend as much time with my kids as possible between the time from when I get home from work to the when they go to bed. Balancing the life of a dad and a WoW player can be difficult some times, especially with a young child like my boy.

Raid time is at 9pm server time. Bed time is usually around 8pm. Around 8:30 pm my son decides that he isn’t going to sleep for my wife so it is now my daddy duty to get the man down. So me and the little guy head downstairs and jump onto WoW.

With son in hand we start the raid. Normally my son will last until Maiden, at that point I feel his head on my arm and the quiet snoring begins. Now depending on the night, I will either put him down or I will keep him in my lap. Even though he is asleep, it is really fun to have him with me. Occasionally he will wake up and watch again for a little bit, but then it is back to sleep. I can proudly say that I have healed each Karazhan boss with a sleeping child in my lap (God bless the clique mod).

Now, I have played WoW since before my daughter was born. It has been a fun game and I have had some good times, but nothing beats playing WoW with my son.

From the moment he sees the login screen till he passes out in my lap he is laughing, smiling and looking at me with a wonder that can only be seen in the eyes of a child. I am not sure how much he gets, but I know he knows that the big black cow is daddy. He points at Jagerbombz and then points at me and laughs knowing that this “thing” on the monitor is some how connected to daddy.

These are the little things that make being a dad so much fun.

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