Monday, June 30, 2008

Top 10 WoW Memories

Over at Blog Azeroth, Cathmore posted this idea for a shared blog topic…Your Top 10 WoW Memories. Now that I have given it some thought, here are my 10 in no particular order.
  • Loading up the open beta client and logging in and thinking that this is nothing special. A couple of months and a trip to EB Games later I picked up WoW on the recommendation of my buddy. That was what now….3 or 4 years ago.
  • Going into UBRS for the first time with my rogue. This was the first “real” dungeon I had gone into with a raid group. I will never forget seeing that two headed dog, The Beast and thinking to myself…”OMFG! We have to kill that thing!”
  • Grinding away in Eastern Plague Lands as my rogue and getting an Epic Sword drop. Not only was this my first epic, it was a hug upgrade for me as a sword spec rogue at the time.
  • Hitting 60 as my rogue. I was grinding in the plague lands when I dinged. For the life of me though, I can’t remember when or where he hit 70.
  • Early world PvP. The battles that were had in South Shore/Tauren Mill just seemed so epic at the time.
  • Starting my Horde Shaman as a last chance at staying with WoW. I started Jagerbombz after my life as the rogue came to a screaming halt. I was 70 with some gear and without a guild. At the time either no one wanted a rogue or they were all full on rogues. I started the Shaman with the single thought of going Resto thinking that being healer would finally allow me to start seeing some “end game” content.
  • Hitting 70 with Jager. It was on a quest hand in for Papa Wheeler in Area 52. After that gold diminished I let out a sigh of relief.
  • Getting guild summoned into Karazhan at 68 to be the third healer. What I thought would be a one time thing ended up being a weekly event that actually slowed down my leveling a little bit. I can proudly say that before 70, I had 5 epic Kara loots, I was honored with The Violet Eye and I had my first badge loot too. This is more a testament to my guild than it is to my “udder” greatness.
  • Getting my Tier-4 shoulders. I know this isn’t that big of a deal, but this was my first foray at 25 man content and after 3 weeks I had enough DKP points for our combined guild run to get them. My god! Not only did I get cool shoulders, but I actually had DKP points!
  • Shadow Labs. OMG, I think my buddy and our friends ran that so many times I could have done it blind folded. It seemed that every night for 3 weeks straight we ran that damn instance. They might not be the best memories, but they did have their moments. Plus, our healer friend was a shaman, and without him there would have never been a Jagerbombz.

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