Friday, June 6, 2008

Recruiting Woes

As you have seen here, our guild is recruiting. We are not an uber guild, but we hold out own. We are that CasualCore guild. We don’t require raid attendance but have the core 7 to 9 people that raids weekly without a second thought. We normally raid after 9PM (CST) because of most of us have other commitments that keep us from logging on until later in the evening.

We are running Karazhan weekly. We offer plenty of opportunities for more people to come in, learn how to raid and gear up without a DKP system. But since we have started looking we haven’t been able to scrounge up even one recruit.

Why is this? Yes, we raid a little later than normal, but we can’t be the only 7 people out there that can only jump on after 9PM…are we? Seriously, I don’t know why there is such a drought on guild recruits. I wonder if other guilds are having the same problem.

If you have any thoughts or ideas I would be interested in hearing them.


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